Following on from the crit it has become apparent that to set myself up for the next stage of the brief I have to introduce a solid programme that would determine the need for the new spaces. I therefore present the following:

In 2050 the government deficit has driven the public state to collapse, Privatization of the capital has brought moral to an all time low with families no longer able to afford a holiday abroad.

Utilizing the fast transport network within London the new regeneration of Greenwich Peninsula is to form a spectacle holiday park. A place to visit 24/7 365 days a year. This cinematic park first sets the scene through a controlled approach to build the suspense before indulging your senses with the artificially maintained landscape.

There are two separate ways to gain access into the park, one is from the underground, emerging in the center of the area for a maximum impact. Alternatively severe traffic jams within the Blackwall tunnel allow you to approach through a darkened tunnel, leave your car rolling in the traffic and emerge from the south, to experience a full aspect. You can then return to your car 8 hours later when it has moved through the traffic to the other side.