This mechanical, fluctuating island is a re-introduction of relaxation and recovery into the pre-twenty second century lifestyle. Its ideal location with a close proximity to the city center allows busy London based families to take a single day off to re-cooperate on the new Greenwich Peninsula. This section of the development opens up the possibilities sensory indulgence  on your day break, with the blazing artificial sun, crystal blue oceans and UV enhancing sun loungers. Providing an all day heat source removes the current issues of a leisure center, with unlimited exposure to the sun, the removal of the inconstant British weather system essentially freezes time. The sectional platforms are designed separately to adapt to each users preference, the concealed technology silently collects data and manipulates its surroundings.


Beneath the vibrant rays of the sun lay a darkened crystalline formed grotto, home to an organic array of stalagmites and stalactites that provide and indulgent surrounding for the sauna and steam rooms. there is also a restaurant and overnight rooms that gaze onto the stage area.

Overall this island attempts to re-imagine itself to provide the perfect family day out.