Having recently presented my work for this year during at cross crit I have now had time to review my work in preparation for my portfolio hand in in January. There are a number of points I will be looking to address over the winter break, including: The distribution of ideas across the masterplan, exaggerating the design to reflect my precedents ambitions schemes and tightening down the program of my scheme.

Drawings to develop:

  • Use my original drawing of mapping the movement around Greenwich along with the historic proposals and develops to inform the terraforming and building rules.
  • The terraforming requires an overhaul to emphasize the program of the area. For this I think it is important to look at the connection between the river and island/peninsula and how this can be adapted to enhance the masterplan.
  • The Peckham Experiment analysis and development on how this idea can be integrated into the project.
  • The Leisure Center and its current problems and how the site can enhance these in a geographic and site specific manor.
  • Diagrammatic Masterplan to explain the key area’s
  • Master Plan – update the layout in line with the above drawings.
  • Diagram of the Sensory Indulgence Leisure Center
  • Develop a more specific building frame for the leisure center. Consider using site specific materials, maybe from the industrial background. This can produce a cinematic view from afar but up close brings out the true sensory detail in the construction.

Using these points as a key I will now look at developing my drawings to cover the points raised during my crit. I feel there will be many changes from the list above through the process of development, although this is the normal method i use in developing a portfolio.