Research Method Statement

Draft Copy Prepared for 16th November 2016


The posthuman city in 2066 is likely to open up a highly dynamic, mixed reality city, based on a number of science fiction storeys like (?Westworld?). With the ability for every user to customise their synthetic form and virtual/physical surroundings to match their own personal preference, the city is likely to become a complex maze of cultural hubs where people with similar interests join together to develop designed communities. These areas will see the city contain a diverse range of different posthuman forms, where you may have to adapt and augment your body to fit in as you travel through different territories, as you do in London today. Different areas affect what you wear, eat and how you move/walk through areas.

My design project intends to focus on developing my own personal Peninsula Fun Palace, which will be designed and augmented based on my own interests, in the way we will be able to create our own environments, communities and bodies. As you enter the Peninsula either physically or digitally you begin to be augmented and fractured, moving through the landscape you improve your cognition as the environment nurtures you into a form that maximises your visual sensorium towards a paradise of fun.

The purpose of the Thesis is to become an interactive guide that that takes you through the process of becoming posthuman. It will be split into two sections, theory and form, where one side will focus on the technical aspects of the transition and on the other side the feeling of transformation. The technical side will investigate the likely technological enhancements predicted through science fiction, it will explore the gradual transition taken by a human from smart tattoo circuits to smart limb replacement to full body replacement, including the possibility of cognitive transference into a new synthetic container. The other part, feeling, will evaluate the cognitive response, focusing mainly on Steven Shaviro’s description of how cognition is affected through our changes, based on a science fiction background.

Names of people and groups focusing on this area:


·         The Matrix film

·         Westworld film

·         Lucy film


·         Steven Shaviro

·         Katherine Hales




What is distinctive about the spaces:

What are the principle techniques in making these spaces:

What are these spaces said to mean?:

How is the space occupied:

How are you located in the space: